5 Foods You Can Use as a Face Mask

I was originally going to make this post about a banana oatmeal face mask but then I realized that was literally just a couple sentences long and this post could be a lot more beneficial to all of you readers if I gave you more than that.

Soooooo… here are 5 (more like 6) foods that you can use as a face mask:

1. Obviously both bananas AND oatmeal. Use them separately or use them together. Either way, these two are packed full of nutrients and work great as masks!

2. Hello, Avocados! how could you not? seriously, just take a bunch of avocados, mash that shit up and just rub it everywhere, all over you. They’re great for dry skin, packed full of vitamins and even contain more potassium than bananas. Boom. Avocado love for the win.

3.Sugar. Actually all sugar should just be used for exfoliating the skin always because let’s get real: totally not good for the internals. Totally delicious in the occasional baked good but I digress. Take your old sugar, add some coconut oil or seed oil and you’ve got yourself your own DIY sugar scrub.

4. Honey! Good ole’ honey. Mix it with your sugar, mix it with your avo, mix it with your oatmeal. Get creative! honey is what is called a “humectant” which means it takes moisture from the air making it the perfect natural moisturizer for dry skin. Just be sure to use warm water to rinse to off, otherwise it could prove to be a little challenging to remove.

5. Best one yet: CHOCOLATE. Oh. Em. Gee. Chocolate. I want to try this asap just so I can lick my lips over and over and over again. Dark chocolate (not milk chocolate) is one of those foods that is packed full of antioxidants and extremely helpful in reducing stress, making this an ever so perfect face mask especially for all our ladies out there who can never get enough of it.

Do you have any food face masks that you like to use? Have you tried any of the ones listed above? leave a comment below or tag #highlyzen on instagram to show us what delicious earth foods you’re using for your skin and don’t forget to have fun, stoned yogis!

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