An Aerial View- The Perfect Song for Yoga

Since becoming certified in yoga teaching a couple years ago, it’s given me the prime opportunity to really hone in on what kind of yoga I like to do and to what (to what being….music. Or sounds.). For me, at least at this point in my life, I’ve really gained an appreciation for hatha or slow moving vinyasa. Nothing forces you into the present moment like the focus that hatha and a slow vinyasa require. I was a huge lover of intense vinyasa when I first got into yoga, maybe because the quick movements reminded me of working out so then I felt like I was doing more than just “meditating”. But then YTT showed me just how beneficial the slow movements and asanas of stillness can be. Once I found my appreciation for it, I started searching for music and sounds that would compliment it which brings me to this post.

When doing yoga to music on a playlist, if it doesn’t compliment each other well the switching of the songs can be a little distracting. If you’re anything like me, an hour long meditative song is perfection for that hatha flow rather than a playlist full of 5 minute songs that don’t do the best blending. So here’s my secret: there’s this song that’s an hour and 5 minutes long and is absolutely perfect for a more grounded yoga sesh. Because I love our readers so so much, I’m sharing with you my secret to meditative hatha/slow vinyasa…

Hands down, best and most perfect song I’ve ever done yoga to. No switching to another song, long enough for savasana to be in there as well, relaxing although it can be a little ominous at times and of course, highly zen. Geez, maybe this song should just be our anthem or something 😉


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