DIY: All Natural Canna Coco Coffee Scrub

There’s a few things I truly love: coffee, coconuts and cannabis. Ok, truth be told I love a lot more than just those three things but those three things are in my top 10. Anywho, I digress. I made something fabulous with these ingredients. I made a coffee scrub.

The great thing about this coffee scrub is you can use it just about anywhere on your body (key word being “on” not in. DO NOT ingest). It can work wonders on not just the rough skin of your feet but also the soft skin of your face as you can see here in these ridiculous pictures.

It’s pretty easy to make this. Let’s start with the ingredients:

-about a 1/3 cup (6 tablespoons) of coffee grounds
-2 tablespoons melted coconut oil or canna-coconut oil
-1-2 tablespoons coconut sugar

See what I mean? There’s practically nothing to it. It get’s even better. When combining the ingredients, they don’t need to be in any specific order and the coffee grounds can be recycled or brand new (I used both).

Tips for the turn out:

*Add coffee grounds by the tablespoon. I started off with 3 and worked my way up to about 6-7. It mostly just depends on how gritty or muddy you want it. I wanted mine to be more lumpy than liquidy, but half of the grounds I used were from the bottom of my french press so they were a bit watery in comparison to the average used coffee grounds (hence the added dry grounds).

*melt any canna-coconut oil on LOW HEAT on a stove top. Don’t want to lose all the good juju!

*In regards to using canna-coconut oil, I used an oil high in CBD (CBD strain being Hurkle from Brothers for those interested) considering the fact that I’m using it for my skin.

I absolutely love the smell (doesn’t smell like coffee but doesn’t smell like cannabis either) and I can tell the CBDs are working! oddly enough, right in the section of my face where I experience acne I felt a cool sensation the entire time it was on my skin. I can’t wait to see it’s effect over time! Play around with these ingredients and let me know how you like them. Are there any DIY scrubs that are your favorite? Remember to love yourself and don’t forget to have fun, stoned yogis!

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