DIY Herbal Incense For Your Sacred Space

Lately I have been called to tap into a level of being that is less about the physical and more about what lies below that barrier, or reaches beyond it. I have found that creating a sacred space is key in order for me to access those areas of myself. For me this is a relaxing, inspirational, cleansed, and personal space to take my attention away from the external in order to focus on the internal. Lighting herbs to create unique incense blends work beautifully as allies in facilitating this space and as guides to the deeper realms of being. Herbal incense have lovingly been called the divine breath; an invitation to the divine to step into our lives.

In order to create your own herbal incense, you will need the following supplies: dried herbs, a small bowl or something of the sorts that does well with heat, charcoal, and a medium of which to burn the incense on like sea salt, soil, or sand. You start by lighting the charcoal then place roughly 1 tbs. of herb on top. Continue to add herb as long as you want your blend to burn and to hold that space.

You can create an incense blend for anything that you like. A balanced blend will have anywhere from two to seven herbs. I suggest that you create intentions and then blends to follow suit of what those intentions are. Blends that fall in line with the cycles of the moon intensify the intentions that you set. For example, during a full moon, you might have an intention surrounding gratitude for the abundance that you have in your life and all that you are thankful for. Your incense blend would then also include herbs that are about prosperity, abundance, and celebration. You can also create blends that are cleansing to release unwanted energy, representative of new beginnings, facilitate healing, ceremonial, etc. The point is that you can make this your own and focus in on whatever you want to in your life.

Below I have a list of a few of my favorite herbs that I have worked with in incense blends and their metaphysical properties that they bring to the table:

Blue Vervain deepens sense of the sacred, attracts love and prosperity.
Nettels helps to create boundaries, strength, and respectability.
Mugwort wisdom of the chrone, guidance, blessings of the moon
Mint calls in prosperity, clarity of mind, increases intuition
Lemonbalm helps with self-esteem, creativity, and depression
Lavender balancing, calming, soothing
Thyme grace, courage, evoke fairies, helps with working with the concept of time
Rose love and self-healing, sacred feminine
Frankincense grounding, centering, masculine
Myrrh cleansing, purifying, evoke feminine, eroticism
Frankincense and myrrh work together to a sense of wholeness

The blend that I am currently diggin’ has lemonbalm, blue vervain, mugwort, and lavender. I’m calling it the sacred space blend. My wish for anyone who chooses to explore herbs in this way is that you will be better acquainted with the subtler energies of these plants and that doing so connects you to the deeper and subtler parts of who you are.

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DIY Herbal Incense For Your Sacred Space

Lately I have been called to tap into a level of being...
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