Drip Ice Cream: An Edible Review

A few things about me:
1. I’m a sucker for sweets. Mostly donuts and ice cream.
2. I’m obviously a sucker for THC/Ganja.
3. Only one edible has ever had an effect on me (I was naive and wreckless).

Until now.

Hello, Drip Ice Cream. I dig you. I dig you hard.

Let’s start this awesome review with a few things about Drip:
1. Recreationally available to Portland residents.
2. They have multiple flavors.
3. They even have a vegan option! (and it’s DELISH).

This ice cream. HAWT DAMN. I want to bathe in it! Anywho, I digress. My SO and I headed over to my favorite dispensary Brothers Cannabis and picked up a couple ice creams during a heat wave; Honey Lavender and Coconut Lemon Zest (V) which are both running at 15 mg per container for rec users. Now here’s the thing: 15 mg doesn’t usually work on me. Truth be told, I’ve been smoking a lot and for a long time making my tolerance a little above “high” so edibles have been more for taste since they’ve been recreational here in Oregon.

About an hour before bed, I sat down with my honey, each of us with a spoon in hand and we got to work! He doesn’t have nearly the sweet tooth I do so naturally I was the one to polish off the Honey Lavender. Let me tell you-NO hint of any ganja in there. Tasted of only honey and lavender which is how I like my edibles. We gave it some time to digest and about 3/4 into the Coconut Lemon Zest (tastes like lemon merengue!) it hit me. It ACTUALLY hit me. My bed was suddenly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid in. I just felt so melty. Shortly after, I drifted off to sleep and had one of the deepest sleeps I’ve had in awhile.

Now if you’re wondering how I managed to feel this but not the multiple other edibles I’ve eaten over the past 9 months (I was definitely wondering), it was a combination of two factors:
1. Ice cream is both an orally and gastrointestinally absorbed edible which gives it a short wait time before having an effect but also having the strength from being digested through the stomach making it last longer.
2. Ice cream is not much of a solid once it reaches the stomach. Because there isn’t really anything to get broken down, it is digested quicker.
(Here are my sources, friends)

To sum it up, I love it. I’ll be going back to try the cookies & cream as well as the Salted Caramel. OH and on a side note, be sure to read the directions if you try Drip Ice Cream. We didn’t until after inhaling it and I’m lucky I have a high tolerance or else this could have been a too intense of an evening!

P.S. Did I mention this business was not just founded by a woman but is run by women? Way to go, ladies! 🙂

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