February Yoga Playlist

Hello everyone! Now that it is February or as I like to say the month of love, I hope you are all feeing the love! For years and years I always despised Valentines Day because, I’ll be honest here, I hadn’t really had a special Valentine’s Day experience. Also I think it’s nice to show love not because of a holiday, but because you just feel like it.

As love is something we can all do more of and be more of without a holiday. But come on! This holiday isn’t just about a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband (which I shortly came to realize). It’s important to share love with the other special people in our lives. Whether it be a parent, sibling, family member, friend or someone you look up to or someone who may just need to feel loved.

Let’s all help share Love, let’s love more and love greater. Be Love!

There are 220 million roses produced each year just for Valentines Day! 🙂 That’s a lot of love!

Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the February playlist!

Mirabai Ceiba- Ong namo

The Soul’s Release- Catching Fireflies

Helios- Every Passing Hour

The Album Leaf- New Soul

Dirtwire- Sailing the Solar Flares

Tycho, RJD2- Apogee- RJD2 Remix

Maxence Cyrin- No Cars Go

CFCF- You Hear Colours

Lotus- Colorado

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