Herbal Smoke Blends – An Alternative For The Stoned Yogi

Herbal smoke blends are an enticing and effective way to experience powerful, healing properties of plants and herbs. Smoking herb has been used since the beginning of time as a way to relax, socialize, and expand one’s consciousness. It is something that is enjoyed in reflective alone time and in life-changing spiritual ceremonies. The act of enjoying an herbal smoke connects us directly to the element of air which encourages us to take a deep breath and manifest fluidity and softness in our lives.

Herbs of all sorts can be rolled into a joint or enjoyed out of a bowl. Herbs like Lobelia, Mullein, and Marshmallow Root cleanse and strengthen lung tissue while having a relaxing effect on the body. Chamomile, Thyme, and crushed Licorice Root provide exciting elements of taste and each have their own unique healing properties. Sage is a spiritually cleansing herb that connects you to your deeper wisdom.

A favorite blend of mine is 1 ½ pts. Mullien, 1 ½ pts. Damiana, 1 pt. Sage, 1 pt. Lobelia, and ½ pt. Chamomile. When enjoyed by itself, it is extremely calming and eases muscle tension throughout the body. It quiets a busy mind, and draws attention inward to the self. I like to combine this blend with a solid indica strain. It tastes like honey and earthy elements. Smoking this blend before a slow and deep yoga practice is divine and made me aware of my breath traveling through every contour of my body. I also foresee this blend being in a well deserved joint at the end of hikes this summer.

Let me know your experiences and what some of your favorite blends are!

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