Kosher Tangie – March Strain of the Month

THCA: 33.24% || CBD: .30%

This strain right here! It was love at first smell. Kosher Tangie is one of those strains where you can point it out from the rest. Being an Indica dominant hybrid it’s not a super hairy strain, but the smell is like the zest of an orange rind and the high even better; It slowly creeps up leaving you feeling relaxed and uplifted.

Usually Kosher Tangie runs at about 19% but this specific cut is running at a whopping 33.24% THCA (THC percentage before it’s burned) making it a great strain for evening meditation or yin yoga. Be careful though; If you’re running low on sleep, smoking this one can prove to be a little too relaxing (I found myself taking a really long nap yesterday- oops).

For me personally, I love this one so much because it plays as not just a delicious cannabis strain but also like an incense (That is if you enjoy the different smells of cannabis). I’ve had multiple people smell it and every time they react with “WOW!” (not kidding, it smells that good).

If you like the sounds of this one, leafly can point you in the right direction to the nearest location that will have it. If you live in or near the Portland area, stop by Brothers Cannabis to find this exact cut of Kosher Tangie.

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