Mendo Lady – April’s Strain of the Month

Mendo Lady || THC 21.1% || CBD 0.05%

Hello Spring and good day to you, Mendo Lady! This strain can only be assumed as the love child of the ever elusive Mendocino Purps and has the feels of a 50/50 hybrid if not a slight lean into the indica tones. It’s not too intense or stuck in the body, making it a great strain for stretching, moving and getting out any lingering winter hybernation kinks.

For myself personally, I love the Mendo Lady with an extra slow vinyasa. I felt as though it gave me the room and relaxation to move a little bit slower and more mindfully. In my personal experience, this is a great way to start waking up the body after a winter of hatha and yin practices; Slow but steady movement paving the perfect path for building up your stamina, strength and internal fire as the weather gets warmer and we all start heading outside to be more active. I couldn’t think of a better strain to incorporate into it all.

This strain was purchased at Brothers Cannabis in Portland, Oregon.

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