Poucha Palooza Pipe Pillows

I first stumbled upon these adorable and fun creations through Instagram. Being that I am a cannabis smoker who likes her glassware, this looked like a very useful product for me to own. So, I ordered three ‘cause they’re all so cute it was to difficult to choose just one, they make for great gifts and not to mention their price! A very fair buy!

They come in 3 sizes, I bought two of the large 7.5” pouches and one of the small 5.5” pouches, there is also a 4” mini pouch. Let me just say I love my pipe pouches! I use them literally everyday. I love both sizes; the smaller one I usually carry with me because it perfectly holds my pipe and a small lighter. The large pouch is longer so It’s great for a larger pipe, a couple of joints and a lighter.

The best part of these pouches is that I can take my pipe with me anywhere I go and it’s totally discreet while being safe and cozy in it’s fluffy pouch. Now, my pipe isn’t all exposed in my car, purse, room, wherever, AND the weed stays put IN the bowl!

Now you can be ready to smoke on the go! Load the bowl before you leave the house and it will stay packed all day in it’s little pouch. We all know it seriously sucks when the bowl spills out all over the place and you have to try and salvage all of it. We’ll chalk it up to another lost bowl. 🙁

Here is the shop’s site https://www.etsy.com/shop/PouchAPalooza.

Have fun picking out your pouch!

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