Skunk Haze- May's Strain of the Month

THC 21.8% || CBD 17.9%

Skunk Haze is what I like to call “a unicorn of cannabis”. Big foot might make more sense but I digress. Here’s the thing: Skunk Haze is unique. VERY unique. Not only does it have your normal THC percentage, but it’s CBD percentage is almost equivalent. YEP! a strain both high in THC AND CBD!

If you’re familiar with High CBD strains, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that High CBD strains rarely have a high THC and high THC strains rarely have a high CBD, which to be honest, this is the first I’ve seen personally of this kind. Another factor to note with high CBD strains is that they don’t really go into either Indica or Sativa categories but considering the THC percentage, I can safely and legitimately say that Skunk Haze here is an even split hybrid. I’d like to mention it’s smell and taste as well (not that there is anything necessarily unique about either one), but it’s combo of high THC and high CBD is the star of the show today.

With this combo, it makes for the perfect THE PERFECT yoga strain. You have the High CBD to take away any anxiety or muscle pain as well as assist in focusing, the even split hybrid aspect puts it in the goldy locks zone giving just the right kind of high for movement (not sleepy, not wired, but just right), and any negative side effects are blocked by the high CBD count. I’ll admit I didn’t notice any kind of special high or stoney feels, but in my opinion it’s made up for with all the goodness it carries. To me it just may be the best strain of month we’ve had yet!

Skunk Haze strain was purchased from Brother’s Cannabis in SE Portland, OR

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